This is the trick why Ekta Kapoor’s shows are so loved!

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Ekta Kapoor is indeed a trailblazer and her work is a testimony of that, the 'content czarina' has always proved it with the trajectory of her career and the promising content she has given.

It is a known fact that Ekta is very particular about her work but not many people know that Ekta personally goes through the content of her projects.

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The filmmaker personally goes through the episodes and films about four times before releasing it in front of the audience. Speaking about the same Ekta said, "You need to reevaluate your own career, our own creativity with an outside eye. Like I actually feel that I am over critical and I think it works for me because I strive to be there.. I've never seen anything of mine and liked it at first go, in like 24 years it just happened once in one show. To which I said, this is good we can let it stay."

A game-changer in the Indian television industry, Ekta Kapoor recently joined the league of 500+ global leaders and marked her debut on LinkedIn. Being the only content creator from India on the platform, Ekta is surely a trailblazer in the true sense of the term. 

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Being a single mother through surrogacy, which again stayed a process untouched by the women of the country so far- Ekta is not just an inspiration on the work front but is a true influencer in every walk of life where she leads the path for not just motherhood but womanhood.

The leading name in the industry, she started her career as a producer from a very young age along with her mother and there were a lot of questions which were asked to Ekta regarding the same, each time. Putting every question in perspective, Ekta finally shared her journey post Balaji with a new social media post.

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