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New Delhi, Sep 22 (IANSlife) Jhelum Biswas has studied three self-healing philosophies of aromatherapy, chakra healing and Bach Flower Remedies. Marrying her knowledge to her products, she created her 100 per cent natural and homegrown bespoke label. Learning that beauty products work on the principle of cleansing, moisturizing and protection, she created a range which can be personalized as per an individuals need and addresses skin, hair problems and even anxiety, fear, stress and depression issues. A self-funded brand, it has products such as hand creams, body washes, body oils, shampoos and lip balms, all of which are paraben and sulfate-free. She caught up with IANSlife at Bengalurus newest cultural venue Foxtrot at the book launch.

Share with us how this book was conceived and what you want to achieve through it?

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My initial intentions were to write fictional short stories that talk about the healing therapies I do. I talked to Guruveen Chadda, who is the editor of the book, in May last year. After a lot of understanding and discussions, it was decided a non-fiction would be a better option.

As a person trained to do these therapies and as a healer, I write my thoughts about all the various types of treatments I do, including Yoga and Chakra remedies.

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Over time, I realized the thread of flower energy walking through all kinds of healing like the Bach flower therapy, aroma therapy where I work primarily with floral essential oils and Chakra system where everything is represented by different petals of the lotus.

The concept of the book came to be as many people are not aware of the healing power of flowers. Also, there are very few academic books on Bach flower remedy. What most books didn’t include was the Indian flowers, their benefits and how to use them in our lives and lifestyle segments. This book addresses our lifestyle, healing and spiritual needs as well as our emotional uplifting. It is a self-transformative book with flowers.

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This is your first book, how perilous or enjoyable was the experience of writing?

It was a tough phase last year for me as I was battling depression and anxiety for which I was also taking a therapy. During this rough phase, the proposal of the book was sanctioned and I signed the contract with Penguin.

I tried to create something out the negative situation, which in my practice we call “turning poison into medicine”. The book was born at the toughest time of my life. I disciplined myself to writing, reading something every day and being surrounded by something as beautiful as flowers all the time, which kind of healed me. The book became a healing process in itself, making the darkest period of my life, but also the most creative one.

Flowers for healing and health problems is a subject not many people are aware of, how did you learn of it and what are its advantages?

Back in 2013-14, I faced severe breathing problems, which many doctors identified as a precursor of asthma. As my health deteriorated, I decided to take a sabbatical for 2 months and never returned when people, friends and extended family introduced me to the alternative form of healing, yoga and Bach Flower Remedies. I then pursued Levels 1,2 and 3 courses from the Bach Centre, United Kingdom. During the time, I also studied aroma therapy and was trained to be a yoga teacher and chakra therapist.

After practising and realizing the difference it made in my life, I wanted to reach out to more people. That’s why I feel the need of bringing an awareness of these alternative healing therapies to cope with today’s mental, physical and emotional upheavals and bring down the cost of these therapies by more people practising them sincerely.

The tongue in cheek name is a perfect title, is the book also of similar temperament?

The book is more of a very honest way of talking out loud, particularly, this one poem, probably in the second chapter of the book “Flower and ferries”. I look at myself in a tongue-in-cheek manner, what I was and how I was perceived by people. I think there is an element of fun and I seem to have a dark sense of humour which could reflect at some point in the book. I didn’t write it with an intention of it being named so.

Lastly, guide us through 5 miraculous flowers and what their healing attributes are?

Miracle as a word I feel makes everything seem a little out of our reach but flowers have a mystic, or what I call, magic with a K. The five such flowers would be desi gulab, mogra, genda, lavender and geranium.

Desi gulab, the rose essential oil has a vibration of 300 megahertz so it kind of affects your heart and helps in opening your emotions. It makes you more compassionate about others. Desi gulab is also a very good ingredient for skin and hair care. The only drawback is its cost.

Geranium is considered as a cost-effective alternative for desi gulab, with similar benefits for skin and hair, mixed with carrier oil or water. One can also wear it as a single malt perfume.

Mogra is good for the hair and is also an aphrodisiac. Smelling some mogra takes off the cloud of depression as it acts as an anti-depressant.

Lavender is a very versatile essential oil that helps in healing burns and scars. It can be directly used on the skin causing no harm. Rubbing some lavender oil can ease stomach pains.

Genda is always known to brighten up our surroundings with its orange, yellow colours. As it lasts for long, it leaves a very subtle peppery smell. It can also be used as an alternative for saffron in cooking.



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