Tina Thadani goes vegan for a Hollywood TV project

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Actress Tina Thadani turned to a keto diet and dropped non-vegetarian for her role in an upcoming Hollywood TV drama titled "Guru".

Speaking on the opportunity, Tina said in a statement: "I had a particular frame for my character so I have been following a keto diet. When I wake up I usually have a lemon water and then I hit the gym where I do a lot of strength training and various forms of boxing."

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"After that I have protein shake, lots of fish and vegetables for lunch and then for snacks I have lots of fruits and nuts and then I have Quinoa with veggies, sometimes egg whites and for dinner I have fish and vegetables. My diet is more high on proteins currently for the kind of regime I'm following for the role," she added.

Tina is currently a presenter and a Video Jockey for a music channel.

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