Title trouble for Sudhir Mishra’s Arjun-Chitrangada starrer

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It has been close to a year since the film was announced but the title trouble continues to plague the Arjun Rampal and Chitrangada Singh starrer. The latest development around this Sudhir Mishra directed film is that the hunt for a new title would now begin all over again. What further catches one’s attention is the fact that this exercise would be repeated for the fourth time.

Title trouble for Sudhir Mishra's Arjun-Chitrangada starrer
ARJUN RAMPAL                                               CHITRANGADA SINGH

“Last month when the film’s title was announced as KAAM- THE UNOFFICIAL STORY, everyone felt that this was final. Though the title did meet with a mixed response from even those who were close to the actors and the director, it was thought to be apt since the film deals with sexual harassment at the workplace. However Sudhir now has second thoughts since those who have had a dekko at the film’s final cut think that a better title would do wonders for the film,” informs our source.

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When contacted, Sudhir confessed that KAAM- THE UNOFFICIAL STORY was now out of equation and the hunt for the right title had begun all over again.

“This is the first time ever when I am struggling for a title of my film. I really hope the wait turns out to be worthy enough though I won’t let this linger on for beyond a week now,” says Sudhir.

We are waiting too Sudhir. Since the film is now close to release and arrives on 24th August, an early decision would obviously help all involved.

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