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You are a workaholic if you possess these five traits like our Samyak in KRUTANT

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This week many films are releasing along with one of the most anticipated films KRUTANT that will be hitting the screens. The film revolves around a workaholic guy Samyak who is surrounded by work round the clock and has completely forgotten his personal and social life, but his life takes a sudden twist after meeting a strange person.

Well all of us, be it millennial or not we end up spending more than 12 hours working or traveling to work. In this fast-paced life, we often neglect giving time to ourselves and family. At times our mechanical lifestyle is all we need to cut down on. Very rarely do we come across certain people in life who give us insight on how to live life and ease out. 

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If you are a workaholic millennial you can completely relate with Samyak's character from the upcoming Marathi film KRUTANT, which shows a dedicated professional who is impatient, hyper and works round the clock to accomplish his targets. 

Folks! If you have these workaholic traits and many more than you surely relate to Samyak in real life. Here's a look. 

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When you work, eat, sleep, repeat and your only motto is career goals, boys and girls you are Samyak who doesn’t care about fun and joy in real life.

Aha! You are impatient so you get agitated if things take time and you have to wait. But you need to take a chill pill. 

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You get worked up for small things in life, be it bus, train, girl or PPT. You know you have too many things in your head. Your mind has more tabs open than your laptop could ever.

Being an introvert and shy person, people approach you but you don't take interest in them and avoid.  

Shy and why! 
You keep things to yourself and you are shy but extremely proficient in making decisions. Your shy nature keeps you observant.

KRUTANT showcases a workaholic millennial like one of us and his encounter with a strange person on his getaway, who turns an eye-opener for him in his life.

Directed by Datta Mohan Bhandare, KRUTANT features Sandeep Kulkarni, Suyog Gorhe, Sayli Patil, Vidya Karanjikar along with Vaishnavi Patwardhan. The film is produced by Miiheer Shah under the banner of Rain Rose Films and is slated to release on 18th January, 2019.

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