Tulsi Kumar: More than brother, Bhushan Kumar is like a father figure


Unlike other siblings, singer Tulsi Kumar and her brother Bhushan Kumar, T-series head honcho, share a very different equation. Being bereaved at a very young age as they lost their father Gulshan Kumar, for Tulsi, Bhushan is like a father and his word is final for her. As India’s one of the most special festivals, Raksha Bandhan is round the corner, Tulsi talks about her strong bond that she shares with brother. Read On:

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Having lost father at a tender age, how you guys discovered your own journey and established yourselves? Did Bhushan play a father figure in the family?
Firstly it was a very tough time for the entire family because whatever happened was extremely unexpected and uncalled for. I was just 12 at that point of time and I give entire credit to my mother and of course my brother. Both of them have been huge pillar of support for me and I have older sister also. Today also we are very one close knit family. It’s because of my mother’s encouragement, support and strength that all three of us whether my brother, who took the charges of  T-series in hand, my sister, who is a designer today or me being a singer, we have taken so well in our respective careers We are trying to make her proud.
Bhushan is like a father figure to me today. There’s a gap of eight years between us so I always respect him. I will never hit him and talk to him like kya ho raha hai bhai. I have huge respect for him because of the fact that I lost my dad at such a young age. I do look up to his decisions and consider him as my father.
How much your brother has a say in your projects or he advises you?
He is very open to what I am doing. When I do songs from outside films, he suggests me that I should accept it, and take my own decisions. He doesn’t interfere but definitely his guidance is always there. When I render a song and if he is not okay with something, he always tells me and that gives me more scope for improving myself.

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Do you and Bhushan have creative differences or dirty fights like any other siblings?
No we don’t fight. No creative differences between me and my brother because I am not that argumentative type. Honestly, I listen to everybody as I am the youngest in the family. I am quite pampered but I never had chance to even need to argue with brother or my mom because they all are so understanding. Whatever they say is right, there are no two thoughts about it.


Being raised up in a musical environment, Bhushan never tried his hand into singing?
No not really but he hums at times. Nobody in the family sings except for me. I may have a formal training but my brother has a great sense for music. That’s probably in the genes and he has even sat in the music sittings. I just joke around with him sometimes that aapko hi gaa lena chhaiye tha yeh gaana why did you have someone else to sing and why didn’t you sing it? I think he is so super occupied with his work commitments but he has a great love for music. I don’t think he ever thought of getting into singing. Ever since he was young he had great love for music. I remember his car always used to play 1942 A LOVE STORY songs.
Is the environment very musical at home?
It is definitely a musical atmosphere.  I keep hopping between Delhi and Mumbai. So, whenever I am in Mumbai, I am with my brother and my bhabhi (sister-in-law) and their kid Ruhaan. I think my nephew is the most musical one in the family. He keeps singing. But the best thing is whenever my song comes, he always spots Oh! its bua singing. So that’s a very good feeling. But we don’t really discuss work at home. Everyone is so much into their work the entire day that they avoid it discussing at home. Mostly, we chat about eating because we all are foodies, especially me and my brother.