Thursday, October 21, 2021

I got associated with the character says Tushar Purwar on ‘Alingan’

Tushar Purwar on Alingan: I got associated with the character and it took me a lot of time to come back to my regular life!

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Grand National Movies is coming up with Alingan, produced by Dhiraj Mishra, is the story of a boy who embarks on a journey and encounters different people. Actor Tushar Purwar is also all set to make his big debut with the Hindi film Alingan soon. The writer-director of the film is Dhiraj Mishra. The protagonist of the film, Tushar Purwar has shared the insights of his journey.

Originally from Mahoba, Uttar Pradesh, Tushar was attracted to Bollywood since childhood. Tushar has not learned acting from anywhere nor did he participate in any drama but he was very comfortable from the first day of shooting.

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Talking about his character he stated that it is the story of a boy who at an early age left everything behind and embarks on a journey. Many people meet in this journey, from whom he gets the essence of life and even the ultimate happiness. In search of happiness and the true meaning of life, he continues his eternal journey even after being away from his close ones. Inspired by the life of young generation who tries to find their name in this crowd.

He further said today’s struggle does not mean to have a bungalow or a luxury car but to know the correct meaning of life.

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Kabir on his journey met different people with different difficulties. He believes that everyone runs behind money, fame and popularity but life is more than that. Everyone has to reach the same destination and it is the journey that is different. The protagonist, Tushar is quite different from this character in his real life but he said he has taken the qualities of the character and tries to apply them in his own life.

He further said that the character Kabir is trying to find peace which is the necessity of today’s life. The best anyone can learn from Kabir is mental stability and peace as everything else is a part of life.

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The shooting of the film has been done in Bhaderwah, Kashmir. He further said that coming from Kashmir had brought him inner peace. The beautiful and scenic location of Kashmir was apt for the climax of the film. As the character of the film is looking for peace and we in our real-life also finds peace in the mountains so no other place can be better than Kashmir for such climax. We have explored the interior Kashmir, Bhardarwah and the people over there are quite cooperative and helpful.

Speaking about the shoot at Agra–Mathura he said It was my first-time experience at Krishna’s birthplace. I had heard about the serendipity of Mathura but the experience was overwhelming. We had shot at Vishram Ghat and the ambiance was so divine and spiritual that I can relate with the character. I got associated with the character and it took me a lot of time to come back to my regular life. Tushar believed that acting for him should be played as we live in ordinary life. He wants to do similar films in the future also in which instead of artificiality reality is visible.

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