TV star Dalljiet Kaur is in favour of OTT censorship

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Mumbai, Nov 28 (IANS) TV actress Dalljiet Kaur favours censorship for digital platforms. She feels people creating content for digital platforms need to be disciplined and they should not show just about anything to the audience in the name of creativity.

“I think there should be censorship on digital platforms as well. Nowadays, everyone has access to smartphones — be it kids, adults or elders. Earlier, when we were kids, we would watch shows or films under parental guidance but now it is a little scary. So, there should be censorship and we should definitely draw a line while creating shows or films,” Dalljiet told IANS.

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On November 11, a gazette notification brought streaming platforms under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, leaving the OTT giants concerned about strict censorship over the online content. Until now, the streaming giants were under the ambit of the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology. There has been mixed responses from celebrities over the issue.

“I am very happy this is happening. I think we need to be disciplined because people should not take advantage of the fact that you can show anything in the name of creativity,” said Dalljiet.

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She said the growing popularity of digital platforms is a revolution, and it is great to be an actor in this era. “I think it’s like a dream come true era and like a revolution in the entertainment sector. There was a time when people used to say that we have a really good concept but the channels are not approving it, but now it is happening with the entry of digital platforms,” she noted.

Talking about her upcoming projects, Dalljiet said: “There are a lot of things that are happening. During lockdown, people went into hibernation and now they are getting out of it. I am considering doing a couple of shows and I hope it happens exactly the way I want it to happen. I am also in talks for some web shows and television shows. I think by December I will start shooting.”

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