TV star Savi Thakur: Fans shouldn't hurt themselves to prove love for us

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Mumbai, Nov 16 (IANS) Television star Savi Thakur agrees with the notion that it is the love of fans that keeps an actor going.

“We actors exist because of our fans, all we want is love from the people and that’s what we work for. I think it’s our responsibility to entertain them in a better way to stay in their hearts forever and not to do something that hurts them,” said the actor.

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The young actor also shared that he is quite shy and reserved in his real life and doesn’t know how to react when fans approach him.

He said: “There are so many times where I got confused when some fans approached me. I get blank in such situations like what to say and what to do now. I won’t say I went overboard to please anyone, but there was a group that had come to see our shoot when I was doing ‘Porus’ and they wanted to have some clicks with me, but they were too shy to ask, then I went to them and asked ‘Photo chahiye?’ (do you want photos?) They were like ‘yes’. It was a happy moment for me.”

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The actor also confessed that fans ask him for his address so that they can send some gifts, but he refrains from doing so.

Savi also strongly reacted to fans who write a celeb’s name in blood or get their names inked.

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“I think fans should not hurt themselves to prove their love for us. Like if someone will say that he or she is my fan, then I’ll believe it. I don’t need any proof for that, so guys please don’t hurt yourself for me. All my fans are equal for me, there is no number one or two or three,” he said.

–IANS think fans should not hurt themselves to prove their love for us


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