Friday, October 22, 2021

Unnati Davara makes a revelation on MANIKARNIKA controversy

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Unnati Davara who has played Mundar and warrior in MANIKARNIKA, shares on the controversy between Kangana and Krish, "Since film making is a creative field and each one has there own point of view. Differences are bound to happen, which is ok! "

Further, she adds, "As far as directing is concern Krish was doing his job and Kangana was doing hers, and with whatever creative differences or commitments, they parted ways and  Kangana took over the charge of direction as well." 

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"Both Krish and Kangana have worked equally hard on the film and the end result is for everyone to see. There may have been creative /professional difference between the two, but such differences are not uncommon since this is a creative field. I had a great time filming with both of them and hold them both in the highest regard as I respect them for there individuality!"

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