Untold fact … Mohammed Rafi’s ‘Maiden Song’!

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Untold fact ... Mohammed Rafi's 'Maiden Song'!
‘Zindagi bhar nahi bhoolegi woh barsaat ki raat…’

This song of legendary playback singer Mohammed Rafi echoes every monsoon as it brings showers of his memory. 31st July, 1980 was the unfortunate rainy day when this great playback singer left this world leaving millions of his fans bereaved.

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Today 33 years have passed, yet his memory is as fresh as morning dew. Though a lot has been written about this playback genius, yet, there is always something beneath the rock. Today on his death anniversary Glamsham.com gives you an insight into a hidden fact of the singer’s maiden song that proved his magnificence as a future singer.

Rafi had a penchant for singing since childhood but his father Hajji Ali Mohammad, was against it yet young Rafi did not miss any opportunity to attend any musical program held in his village called Kotla Sultan Singh, a small hamlet near present-day Amritsar in Punjab. At one such performance, Rafi’s talent surfaced. During the show, the power went off and the loud speaker went dead. The angry rural crowd started creating a scene. Annoyed at the commotion young Rafi, barely 14 years old, jumped on to the stage, and started singing a Punjabi folk song at the top of his voice. Hearing his melodious voice the crowd went silent and a pin drop silence prevailed till Rafi finished his song. No sooner the song was over the crowd applauded the young singer with whistles and claps. Sitting in the crowd was Rafi’s maternal uncle, Hamid Sahab, a great lover of music, who later played a pivotal role in building Rafi’s music career amidst much oppositions and hurdles from the family.

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