Valentine Special: Bollywood’s love ka funda!

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Different people have different opinions and feelings about love! As we celebrate Valentine 2015, a lovey-dovey occasion for all the lovers across the world, let’s know what our favourite celebs feel about love. Take a look…


Tina Desai
Though love doesn’t need a specific day for celebration, I think couples around the world should also make the most on this special day and celebrate it by gifting things to each other, do regular mushy things. But if you ask about my love life then right I am not in a mood to mingle. I find it very off-putting and am happy being single. It all gets soppy and sometimes even gets on nerves.

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Rakul Preet
I believe that you don’t need a specific day to celebrate love. I am not very Valentine day type of a person. Love is not about gifts but it’s about feeling special every day. You need to feel the love every day.

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Varun Sharma
Love according to me is when two people touch each other’s soul and you start feeling perfect about all the imperfections about each other.

Priya Banerjee
Love is when you do not know the reason why you keep smiling. We celebrate love only on one day, Valentine’s Day!! Then each day should be a Valentine’s Day.

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Ali Fazal
Love is madness, I was told. Love is true. Valentine day for me is about spreading love. It need not necessarily be with someone special in your life but any and everyone who is close to your heart.

Somewhere we have forgotten the silences that come right after the word ‘I Love You’. We are so used to texting these days that we have forgotten the importance of the line. And I think those words mean a lot. So don’t just do romance, but mean it. I’ve been so busy last few months with KHAMOSHIYAN that I am going to take this day to connect with everyone who is close to me to express my gratitude and love to be with me all this while.

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Sapna Pabbi
Love is self-actualization. Love to me is blind trust. 

Gurmeet Choudhary
Love is trust, friendship. Without friendship, there is no love.

Mahesh Bhatt
Love is when it’s an overwhelming urge to give the feeling of abundance. Giving becomes need. We then become beggars asking for love. We never pause and ask- Do I love? If I love, then it doesn’t matter if you love me or not. It’s a state of being; a meaning of fullness. It’s like a cloud which is full and it bursts and there’s a shower. Love for me is essentially a state where you are giving. It doesn’t have the constructive dating. An overflowing heart is a loving heart, not a beggar’s heart. When did your mother ask you- Do you love me?

Siddharth Bhardwaj
Love means to truly care about the person you’re in love with. Love means to want to give the world and all the happiness in it to that person.

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Evelyn Sharma
I am in a very happy space right now. A sense of being loved is such a great feeling. So there definitely is going to be a valentine celebration for me. Whether in love or no, Salman Khan will always be my first Valentine and given a choice I will love to celebrate with him.

Taapsee Pannu
I don’t really believe that we need one particular day to celebrate love. If you are in love then you can celebrate it 365 days a year. But if this is something that specifically makes you take out time to celebrate with your loved one then you should go ahead and do all it takes to make it special.

For me, Love comes with respect and admiration. It can’t be without that. Love is a substance which lasts forever, if it doesn’t then it’s not love. And you gradually realize it.

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Sarah Jane Dias
I think it’s a tad overrated and I don’t need a special day to tell people I love them.

Radhika Apte
I have never celebrated Valentine’s Day in my life. Because of our profession, I and my partner are in a long distance relationship so whenever we are together it is a special moment for us.

Rahul Bhatt
Love is the most amazing thing that can make you survive the worst things in life.

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