Valentine Special: Top 10 movies that depict desperate lovers


They say love has no limits, and when we see these on-screen couples, we do realize that it’s actually true. In our Valentine’s Special, we bring you a list of top 10 lovers who went downright overboard, only to get their love. Have a look…

Shah Rukh Khan- DARR
Shah Rukh Khan is in love with his classmate K-K-K-K-Kiran (Juhi Chawla). He is so madly in love that he goes to Juhi’s honeymoon in the Alps, in order to get Juhi to love her back.

Kajol, who comes from a small family which has an over-protective elder brother, meets her love in Salman Khan during her studies at the Mumbai University. He however, is an obedient man to Kajol’s brother, and helps the family get out of a scheming plan.


Dhanush is in love with Sonam ever since they were kids, but they could never marry because of religious differences. Dhanush anyhow wants Sonam in his life. He stalks her and holds her hand forcibly, even when he gets slapped everytime he does so. But Dhanush also left Sonam because she wanted him to leave him alone. He tried his best to gain back Sonam’s trust till his last breath.

Ranveer Singh is one flirtatious man who now wants to sleep with a girl from the different caste. He then meets an ambitious Deepika Padukone who stuns him everytime he thinks he has won the battle. The two then fall in love, get married secretly and die in love.

Akshay Kumar is a cultured man who meets a London-based Katrina Kaif and falls in love with her. While Katrina has a boyfriend in London, she forcibly gets married to Akshay. Akshay still follows her to London and is always there to support Katrina. It is only with time that Katrina realizes her love for Akshay.


Ranbir Kapoor- ROCKSTAR
Ranbir Kapoor wanted to become a rockstar, and was laughed at for the same. He was told that he needs to go through heartbreak so that he can feel music and meets Nargis Fakhri. He is totally obsessed on getting her at any cost.

Suneil Shetty- DHADKAN
Shilpa Shetty and Suneil Shetty are in love with each other. But they cannot get married due to the differences in their financial status. Shilpa Shetty then gets happily married to Akshay Kumar. On Akshay and Shilpa’s third anniversary, a wealthy Suneil Shetty comes back to Shilpa, only to realise that Shilpa is pregnant with Akshay’s baby.

Vivek Oberoi- SAATHIYA
Vivek Oberoi starts flirting with Rani Mukherjee at a wedding. However, soon both realise that they love each other. The couple then starts a newly married life. But soon enough a misunderstanding drifts them apart, and Vivek frantically searches for his wife Rani.


Shahid Kapoor – FIDA
Shahid Kapoor is so madly in love with Kareena Kapoor Khan that he jumps off the terrace of a building when Kareena asks him to do so. The two then fall in love and Shahid is conned and assumed dead. Kareena then moves on in life with conman Fardeen Khan. But Shahid comes back to take revenge from Kareena. In the end, both Shahid and Kareena die.

Hrithik Roshan – KAHO NAA… PYAAR HAI
Hrithik Roshan as Rahul is caught between the corrupt and he dies while trying to expose them. His lover Ameesha Patel gets depressed hearing the fact. She then moves to New Zealand to get over Rahul, but finds herself even more depressed when she finds Rahul’s face in Raj Chopra. Raj is in love with Ameesha, but the latter is still not over Rahul. Anyhow, Raj follows Ameesha to India and discovers the truth. The movie ends with Raj and Ameesha getting engaged in New Zealand.



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