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Vaquar: Negative characters bring changes in stories

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Mumbai, Oct 2 (IANS) Actor Vaquar Shaikh, who is seen in the TV show “Vidya”, is enjoying playing a negative character. He says that such characters take the story forward.

“Even if you want to, you can’t ignore this character. A negative character is the only character which brings changes in stories like twists, spice, flavour and shades. I am thoroughly enjoying playing the role of Nanku Thakur. I was looking forward to doing a show which should be new and good,” he said.

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“Previously, my role was positive, emotional, romantic and it was hit but I didn’t want to do something similar. This time I wanted to play a negative role and Nanku Thakur came my way. This is a dynamic and a well-written character and I am enjoying it,” he added.

Vaquar doesn’t feel that negative roles are more challenging than positive ones.

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“All roles are not easy, every role is challenging. I don’t feel that negative roles are more challenging than positive. I am playing a negative role after a long time and it’s a little challenging because we become used to mannerisms,” said the “Qubool Hai” actor.


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