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Varun Dhawan calls Ekta Kapoor ‘wild cat’

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Movie promotion in Bollywood has reached to an altogether different level! Recently, Producer Ekta Kapoor went on a bike ride with leading ‘hero’ Varun Dhawan on the streets of Mumbai to promote their upcoming film MAIN TERA HERO. ”Ekta and me were just discussing that how promotions have become hectic. How an actor needs to go all out and make people aware that you have made a film,” says Varun.

Ekta, who looked excited and sporty, said, ”This was my first bike ride. And I can’t even tell you what hate mails I’ve got from various women saying you lucky b@#%h that you are riding with Varun on a bike.” While Varun poked fun at her, saying, ”Ekta is so hot that one bike got scraped. She has that much power in her!”


However, he later added, ”I have done promotions with Ileana and Nargis but this was the first time I stepped out with Ekta Kapoor and that’s why it was so chaotic, as you have never seen Ekta like this. She never comes out for promotions. This was the first time she agreed and was ready to get on bike with me. So I would like to thank her.”

Varun and Ekta’s fun banter was to be seen. The two were having blast. ”Ileana and Nargis are soft, little sensitive. But Ekta is like a wild cat. No one will mess with me, I feel, if she is with me. She had the back throughout the film,” Varun says

Ask him how he convinced Ekta and Varun reveals, ”I did emotional blackmill to her.” But this was the first and last bike ride. She is not so fond of mean machines. ”You know I am one man bike woman. This was my last ride,” Ekta gushes

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Apart from dad David Dhawan, Varun considers Ekta as his driving force and can’t thank enough for believing in his ideas. He says, ”For this film, I am being pushed by two people one is my father and second one is Ekta. They both share one thing in common which is passion for films. Honestly, most of the things which I have done today, I wouldn’t have been able to do that; nobody would have orchestrated or let me do my way if Ekta wouldn’t have been there. I have many random wild ideas which people don’t listen to. But Ekta is one such person who told me what you want to do, how you want to do.”

While Ekta displays her confidence in Varun. ”I haven’t met a cuter guy than Varun. I think he can sell ice-cream to an Eskimo…Forget riding a bike if you would have told me to go on Moon with him I would have blindly gone,” she says on a parting note.

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