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VICKY DONOR: A new idea of voluntary service through the medium of cinema

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Urban life, especially that is metropolitan cities is full of stress, and with the size of families shrinking DINK (double income no kids) has become the norm. The absence of kids is a by-product of the lifestyles that are led these days that do not create the ambience for having procreation. The inability to procreate could be owing to stress that does not allow the body to fulfill its naturally endowed faculties that are catalysts for procreation, result is there are scores of couples who though have the urge are childless.

But family is incomplete- in general- if a child is not there. The only way out is to seek donations of sperms for creating a family, as adoption of a child still is a norm that is in its larval stage in our country, and what better way to encourage the families to seek donation of sperms than through a film. So VICKY DONOR film directed by Shoojit Sarkar in a humorous way has underlined the need for the couples of the present times to go for sperm donations. The subject has been tackled earlier in I AM and TREE OF LIFE, but the presence of John Abraham in this film would lead the subject a sense of respectability as it is one area that cannot be wished away.

view VICKY DONOR stills
view VICKY DONOR stills

The focus on sperm donation in a humorous way is owing to the fact that it is the male infertility which is the major problem, in which women have been exercised in the society for eons, and the time has indeed come to put the things in perspective through VICKY DONOR. Ayushmann Khurrana as the donor has handled the subject in an efficient manner.

While at the surface level there might be a sense of disgust about the subject of sperm donation, which VICKY DONOR seeks to address, it is an issue that needs to be put in perspective. Perspective indeed, as our treatises of the past has been against the notion of sperm donation and it was epitomized in the most potent manner through the epochal work RAG DARBARI of Sree Lal Shukla.


If one were to honeycomb the classifieds in various newspapers of Mumbai, especially the tabloids, fertility centers of repute seek professional sperm donors and they are paid handsomely for doing the same. After VICKY DONOR their problem of having sufficient stocks should be solved to an extent.

VICKY DONOR also addresses the existentialist dilemma that a donor has to face when his girlfriend or a wife finds out that her boyfriend or a spouse is a professional sperm donor as it is one area where the female of the species likes to have full control. But the moot point is, as it has also been underlined in the film, is that it is an act that has been committed in the past before finding a girlfriend or a wife and past is past. The new comer Yami Gautam has handled the issue in a clinically pr?cised manner.

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John Abraham needs to be complemented for having the courage to associate his name with this subject by entering into the world of production with such an off-beat but timely theme, as he did earlier with DOSTANA, where he along with Abhishek Bachchan had handled the subject of homosexuality in an erudite manner.

The best part of VICKY DONOR is the fact that the dialogues and the script have been written by a lady, Juhi Chaturvedi which underlines the fact that the idea of sperm donation’s time has come and one should sweep it under the carpet and when a lady writes the script on such a subject it would be dealt in a sensitive manner without gravitating to vulgarity, and indeed it has been like that only.

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