Vidya Balan opens up about KAHAANI 2 like never before

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KAHAANI 2 is Vidya Balan’s third film this year.

Taking the KAHAANI franchise ahead, this film has Vidya portraying a stronger avataar on the other hand KAHAANI 2 is much more intriguing as compared to the previous one.

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One cannot miss the power-packed performance of Vidya.

KAHAANI 2 is emotionally as well as physically grilling for Vidya and she had tough time shooting for the film.

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In an exclusive conversation when asked Vidya if the movie was mentally and physically draining, she said, “Yes emotionally and physically draining, we were shooting for hours in heat and most of the locations were outdoor. The movie is also emotionally draining but at the end I think the hard work has paid off as people are talking about the trailer and songs.”

On being asked how different is KAHAANI from KAHAANI2, pat came her reply, “Part 2 is much more in-depth and intriguing. It’s a women’s quest to win and achieve. From shooting to storytelling it’s different. We haven’t twisted it but audiences will get to know once they watch it.”

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Lastly when asked how it was working with Arjun, she smiled, “He is fun and through professional. I hope people like this movie and keep showering love.”

Here’s wishing KAHAANI 2 and Vidya all the very best!

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