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Vijay Varma: It's never easy to make a mark in the industry

Vijay Varma has been in the Hindi film industry for a decade now and gained the spotlight with his performance in ‘Chittagong’, ‘Pink’, ‘Gully Boy’, ‘Mirzapur’ and his latest release ‘Darlings’. The Bollywood actor says it is not easy to make make or to have a name in the industry and that he had to prove himself through his work.

Talking about facing hiccups in the industry, Vijay in conversation with IANS, said: “Everything could be a hiccup but eventually you might figure out those hiccups were a part of your growing up and journey. Of course it is not easy. It is never easy to make a mark or to have a name in the industry and hats off to people who have been doing this for years actually because your one movie or one performance can completely change opinions about you.

“And also getting the raw opportunities is not easy for somebody like me who comes from a non-filmy background and is an outsider. I really had to prove through my work. I just hoped for opportunities and I grabbed them and I worked diligently on them.”

The 36-year-old said it is his work that speaks for him.

“I feel that work is getting me more work and the audience’s love is what actually puts me in a light that is aspirational for me also.”


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