Vikram Bhatt: All stars are readily accessible

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Though active in the world of films, the success of RAAZ 3 carried a special meaning for Bipasha Basu since she had suffered a few back to back blows earlier on before returning with Vikram Bhatt. The film also turned out to be a happy reunion for the duo. Now that they are coming together in CREATURE, all eyes are on how big would they strike with this outing of theirs.


Ironically though, another comeback that Vikram was a part of last year didn’t quite work at the box office. DANGEROUS ISHHQ, a star driven affair with Karisma Kapoor in the lead, didn’t quite perform to a level that would have made Vikram happy.

“It wasn’t really a comeback per se since Karisma merely took a sabbatical from films. In any case whether it is Karisma Kapoor or Angelina Jolie, none of them can call a film as entirely their own. Those days of one man running the show have gone with Amitabh Bachchan,” declares Vikram, “Any sensible filmmaker should understand that in this day and age, all stars are readily accessible.”

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He stays on to be practical with his thoughts.

“If I would have said that Karisma was making a comeback then that was never going to be a reason for audience to go to theaters. In any case she is there all over. Yes, an actress of her calibre adds a huge value to the film but nobody, whether it’s an actor, director, technician or 3D, can be bigger than the plot.”

Well said Vikram!

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