Vikramaditya Motwane: KATIYABAAZ needs to be seen by a nice wide audience


The director of UDAAN and LOOTERA has now taken the onus of presenting a film he wholeheartedly loves and wants everyone to see. Catch Vikramaditya Motwane in this candid chat as he speaks about KATIYABAAZ and why it’s completely alright to have a star driven industry.

How did you get involved with KATIYABAAZ?
I saw it at a screening and really liked it. I asked (one of) the directors if I could do anything for the film. He said yes and that’s how it started.

Was the film ready when you saw it?
The film was already ready when I saw it. I had no input in the making of the film or the edit. It won an Award at the Mumbai Film Festival, it won National Awards and it has won awards all over the place. The film needs to be seen by a nice wide audience.


And how do you make sure a nice wide audience watches this film?
We can’t guarantee that. All we can do is say that Phantom is presenting the film. We really believe in the film, we really love the film and making people aware that the film is actually out there. We hope that they come and see the film and love it as much as we at Phantom did. That’s the best we can do. You can’t force people at gunpoint to come and watch the film.

The film is a documentary. But it seems you are not promoting it as one.
No, we are. We are not hiding the fact that it’s a documentary. Everybody knows that it’s a documentary. But we’re saying it’s a documentary that definitely needs to be seen in the movie theatres. It’s a film that’s very identifiable. Everybody has had a power cut situation, seen a power cut situation, has lived through a power cut situation in their lives. They understand the value of their electricity. So it’s a film that has heroes and villains and is entertaining. It’s a great movie.

You have previously said that the industry is star driven. Do you think that’s good or bad?
Look, I think people like to go see stars. It’s a fact and there’s nothing wrong with it. We have all done it. I wouldn’t see a film as a child if it didn’t have Amitabh Bachchan in it. It’s a fact. People go see stars and that’s what drives the industry and that’s what drives everything else. I am totally fine with that. I just wish we had more. I think we have too few stars right now. There’s more demand and less supply.


But don’t you feel it’s a problem for small films which can’t afford to have stars? Doesn’t it become a big task reaching them to masses?
That’s a problem. That’s a problem we have always faced. But there are enough success stories of smaller films which will always break out and break through because of the quality of the movies.

If a movie a good enough, it will always find its audience. Whether it’s in theatres at that point of time, whether it’s on TV afterwards or whether it’s on word of mouth afterwards  or whether 10 years later people end up saying that ‘Yaar woh bahiya picture thi’.



Vikramaditya Motwane: KATIYABAAZ needs to be seen by a nice wide audience 2

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