Viola Davis: I wanted to look like Oprah

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Los Angeles, March 6 (IANS) Before feeling confident in her own skin, actress Viola Davis says she used to dream of looking like globally popular celebrity Oprah Winfrey.

As a woman in her 50s, Davis says her approach to beauty has completely changed.

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“Now, I don’t want to look like anyone other than me,” the star told, adding: “That was a big thing in my twenties especially.”

She continued: “I wanted to look like Oprah, especially when she went to the Oscars for ‘The Color Purple’. I thought she was the most beautiful. I never told her that. Literally, Oprah went to one of my weddings and I never had the guts to say, ‘Oprah, I was always trying to look like you!’.”

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Davis also expressed her love for make-up. She said: “I embracing my nose and my lips. It’s like all of a sudden I was like, ‘Viola, that’s what your lips always looked like? Why’d you have a problem with that?’ I love wearing red lipstick, which took me a long time, because I think my lips are fabulous.”

Davis has featured in “The Architect”, “Eat Pray Love”, “Trust”, “Suicide Squad”, but is most popular for starring in “How to Get Away with Murder”, which is aired in India on Star World.

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