Violated, cheated and abused!

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Violated, cheated and abused!

Today, I am just thinking aloud!

I haven’t been able to get over the fact that the last week was a waste in movie watching. Nor have I been able to get over the fact that a movie with award-winning stars like Anupam Kher, Om Puri, Ashutosh Rana and Jackie Shroff turns out to be a joke.

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Why should a viewer be subjected to films like BADMASHIYAAN, DIRTY POLITICS or even HEY BRO?

Movie-watching is an expensive business and people go to get entertained. Even if a film is entertaining without being boring, the money would be well-spent, or so would the person think who went out to see the film.

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But what happens when the movie turns out to be a torture worse than Sajid Khan’s HUMSHAKALS? That’s when you wonder why filmmakers with loads of money, dish out ‘way below average’ sub-standard stuff.
Just having money and wanting to make films is not a good enough reason to make films. One should understand the craft of filmmaking and also the finer aspects of working on a good script and various other areas that go a long way in making a good film. If not, hire the services of experts from within the industry. Credibility of filmmakers is at stake when movies like these are dished out.

Incidentally all three movies were released last week and only HEY BRO had a semblance of a script.

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BADMASHIYAAN was an out-and-out ‘torture’. There was zero script and zero acting as well.

Surprisingly, the well-cast DIRTY POLITICS proved to be a ‘Badmashiyaan’ in the making with seasoned actors performing scenes that did no justice to their talent or intelligence. Here, it was the actors who took the viewer for a ride. I will not believe that they did not read the script before turning up on the set.

Like film-makers, these actors [who have proved their talent], too have a responsibility towards the viewing public who have made them the demi-gods they are.

Those who watch films come from various strata of society. There are rickshaw drivers and also daily-wage earners who look forward to a Friday, apart from the middle-class and above. They would certainly feel looted.

How would one feel after paying for a journey in a luxury bus, only to learn after a few kilometers that the engine is a fault? It will reach its destination, but at the cost of your time and patience, with frequent breakdowns along the way. How would you feel after learning the fact that the owners knew of this technical defect all along, but yet plied the bus?

It will certainly leave a bad taste in your mouth and leave you feeling violated, cheated and abused!

Martin D’Souza
(This weekly column tries to be as honest as honest can be…)

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