Vishal Pandya: Censor Board loved & praised WAJAH TUM HO

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Director Vishal Pandya is excited for his next film WAJAH TUM HO which is set to hit the theaters coming Friday. Much before the release of the film the songs and trailer have made a huge impact as the movie is an erotic crime thriller.

The mush talked about bold scenes in the trailer and songs have made the audience curious to watch the film.

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Right from his first film HATE STORY 2 to WAJAH TUM HO, Vishal Pandya has become pro at making erotic thrillers.

In an exclusive conversation with Vishal Pandya, when we poked him about his obsession with this genre and if he would like to experiment on something else, he said, “I like writing for this genre and trust me the only bold scenes that you are seeing are in the trailer and songs.

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On the contrary WAJAH TUM HO is not a usual crime thriller wherein one can catch hold of the victim by CCTV footage. The entire suspense and thriller is gripping even if the audience moves out of the seat he will wonder what really happened in the film.”

Having said that, Vishal added that he gets shy shooting bold scenes, “It’s tough to direct an erotic thriller as I am very shy and get uncomfortable shooting these scenes and I wanted to finish the bold scenes as soon as possible. To my surprise we wrapped up shooting for bold scenes within 3 hours.

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More than me, Sana Khaan was apprehensive about shooting the scenes and I had to convince her and made sure there are only three to four people on the sets while shooting a particular bold scene.”

As censor board is very stern when it comes to bold scenes or cuss words these days, we asked Vishal if it was difficult for him to certify the film being an erotic genre to which he said, “It wasn’t tough for me at all, as the bold scenes that I have shot I made sure that it’s not vulgar or cheesy.

On the contrary censor board loved the film. The honorable board has praised me for making such a terrific nail biting thriller.”

As censor board is going gaga over Vishal’s film we wish the audience too appreciates the film!

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