Saturday, October 23, 2021

Vishal vs filmmaker Myskin: New twist in ongoing war

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Chennai, March 13 (IANS) Ever since Tamil star Vishal decided to take over the director’s hat from filmmaker Mysskin to shoot “Thupparivaalan 2”, there has been confusion over the situation.

Earlier this week, Vishal took to his social media platform to address the issue. In a letter he said: “What are the reasons for a director to opt out of a film midway?” He expressed confusion with the turn of events: “I still wonder why does a director, who specifically wanted to write the script in Canada and UK and spent the producer’s money to the tune of close to 35 lakh for the above expenses including travel, accommodation etc… after having started shoot without proper planning of location hunting, after having spent close to 13 crore… why would a director opt out of a movie midway?”

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The actor added: “Is it because I didn’t have the money to complete the film? No. Is it wrong if a producer pin points the mistakes of a director during production for its betterment especially when close to 15 lakhs per day was spent for a 3 to 4 hours of shoot in UK? No. Is it wrong if a producer requests whether we can shoot 2 scenes a day, or shoot day and night to bring down the cost of the shoot? No,” says Vishal, adding, “I still wonder because it’s as bad as you abandon your own kid in an orphanage.” He also went on to say ”The sole purpose of the statement is not to tarnish one’s image but is only to make sure that nobody falls prey to such people especially Producers”

Now, Mysskin has responded to Vishal at an event. The director claimed that he wrote the film to help Vishal overcome his debts. “I already had a producer who was ready to fund the movie. He had even given me an advance. But, Vishal himself insisted on producing it,” said Mysskin.

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The filmmaker even went on to say that Vishal used foul language against him, and physically assaulted his brother, adding that the fight was far from over. “Vishal, the worst is yet to come to you. You can’t sleep at night from now on. If you think you are being righteous, let’s go to war,” he said.

Now, the production house in question, Vels International, owned by Ishari Ganesh, is backing Mysskin and even offering him a film. Their tweet on social media reads: “#Mysskin Sir, We always believe in you and your script, #Vels is ready when you are ready !!! @isharikganesh

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#DrIshariKGanesh #VelsFilmInternational #KaruppurajaVellairaja.”

It has to be noted that Vels International earlier aided director Gautham Menon which helped him tide over financial issues, making way for the release of his film “Ennai Noki Payum Thotta”. Menon will now direct three films for the production house, one titled “Joshua” with Varun (nephew of Ishari Ganesh), speculated to shoot one woman-oriented film starring Anushka Shetty, and another speculated film with Suriya.



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