Vivek Oberoi: My risks have backfired at times

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Known to play grey characters in films like COMPANY and SHOOTOUT AT LOKHANDWALA, is now all set to play an out and out negative character in KRRISH 3.

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Ask him what attracted him towards KRRISH 3 and he says, ”Generally a villain is very unidimensional. It’s very boring. He has to be evil because he is the villain. You are so busy making the hero. The advantage of KRRISH 3’s script was that you already knew that he is the hero. You already knew that he is Krrish. You’ve already seen what he can do in KRRISH. You’ve seen his rise and his growth. The lovely part about KRRISH 3 was watching the villain grow. Here’s somebody growing in the shadows, getting stronger and stronger and is all set to contend with the superhero. So that was the excitement and that’s the reason why I instantly said yes.”

He further adds, ”When I said yes, Guddu uncle told me something very special. He gave me one of the greatest compliments as an actor. He said, ”I’m so glad you said yes because I wrote this script keeping you in mind. When he said that it moved me very much. It was a double edged sword. I was on cloud nine. But I later thought that now I have to perform out of my skin because his expectations are going to be that much higher of me. I didn’t really know where to start because I don’t know how my character would look and speak. So for the next three and a half months I just prepped for the character.”

One generally remembers good superhero films for their villains. When asked if Vivek is really the hero of KRRISH 3 and he says, ”No, the hero is the hero. You can’t say Rama is Ravana and you can’t say Ravana is Rama. You can’t split that. But I think that there is no Rama without Ravana and vice versa. They both are opposite sides of the same coin. A villain creates a hero and a hero creates a villain. The larger the hero, the larger villain and the larger the villain, the larger the hero.”

Vivek Oberoi is one actor who has never shied away from doing diverse kind of films.

”I don’t mind taking risks. I don’t mind taking different kinds of roles. It’s backfired sometimes. I did KLPD and it backfired big time on me. But the thing is that I experimented,” says the 37-year-old actor on a parting note.

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