WAJAH TUM HO postponed & now releases before DANGAL

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Demonization has hit the nation hard and still people are combating cash crunch. It’s been over a fortnight since our honourable Prime minster laid down massive financial move by banning 500 and 1000 notes which have led to major cash crunch.

Each and every industry has been hit badly with this move, majorly Bollywood has faced massive loss in terms of box office numbers. With movies getting pushed to not making money Bollywood is having a hard time as people are busy exchanging notes or withdrawing money, they are hardly seen watching movies or having gala weekends.

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Firstly we saw SAANSEIN getting pushed to this week and ROCK ON 2 filing miserably at the box office not because the movie didn’t have an intriguing story line but people refrained from watching any film. While FORCE 2 still managed to grip the audience but not to a larger extent.

Till now after demonitisation only Shah Rukh Khan’s DEAR ZINDAGI has managed to get few good numbers.

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This week there are two films that were slated to release namely WAJAH TUM HO and KAHAANI 2: DURGA RANI SINGH.

During exclusive interviews with WAJAH TUM HO last week with director Vishal Pandya when asked if he would like to push his film due to demonization as the issue hasn’t resolved and there are high chances people aren’t keen on watching movies, to which Vishal had said, “There is time for my film to hit the screens and I am sure by that time things will subside. I don’t plan to postpone the release of the film.”

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Just few hours back director Vishal Pandya took to micro blogging site and wrote, ‘WAJAH TUM HO releasing on December 16’.

He didn’t confirm the reason for pushing the film.

To get further clarification on the push of the film we asked actor Gurmeet Choudhary as he plays one of the prime protagonists in the film about the release of the film, Gurmeet confirmed saying, “The movie has been postponed to December 16, and I am not aware of the reason.”

With this new strategy of Vishal postponing the release at the last minute, KAHAANI 2 now has a solo release this Friday.

Hope KAHAANI 2 gets good numbers at box office.

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