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“We all need to put in our best every day” – Mohsin Khan

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Actor Mohsin Khan is one of the most successful names in the TV industry today. The actor says that he had never imagined that he would become such a successful actor. "There's a struggle in every field.

The entertainment industry is no different. I think that's the way our Lord tests us to show us the value of what we have. Even in entertainment, it's not just the actors who struggle, there are writers directors cameraman, journalists. Everyone goes through that phase.

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We all need to put in our best every day. I am an electronic engineer. If I'd have gone ahead with that I'm sure in that field also I have gone through the struggle. Mashallah, I'm grateful to my lord for everything he has bestowed on me including the struggles.

 'Work is Love made visible' – Khalil Gibran. Working with passion, with love, with discipline! I never thought that I could be in this field of entertainment. But I knew one thing, if I do it, I'll do it with all my heart. It has taken me 10 years of struggle but with that, I had to complete my education although learning is forever," he says.

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Ask him what are the changes that he has observed in the industry, and he says, "Since the time I have started working as an actor, I have been watching other shows as much as possible to understand a pattern that is being followed and to know what the audience likes.

One major change is the budget being increased now. Lavish setup, movie cameras, and technicians have been brought in. Much better VFX are being used. Obviously then, there are web series with an even higher budget."

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The actor is very satisfied with his career has shaped up. "I have been working with Star for 5 years now,  starting from Nisha aur uske cousins to Dreamgirl to Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata. Big hug to everyone who has been watching these shows.

When people come up and tell you about a particular scene they liked or of the character itself being liked by their family members. I feel great knowing that there are people from all age groups who are relating to this shows,"  he says.

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