Well-designed production makes LISTEN AMAYA a success

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When director Avinash Kumar Singh and his wife decided to lock down on the script of LISTEN… AMAYA, the entire cast and the HOD’s sat down over a couple of days and planned the way they wanted to tell the story.

view LISTEN... AMAYA stills
view LISTEN… AMAYA stills

”We had designed everything on the production so well that we would not face problems later. It might or might not be immediately noticeable as a technique when you watch the film, but that it is one of the biggest indicators that it works successfully. Everything on the production design follows the mood of the scene, so when people are happy or bright, not only did the lighting follow that through by purposely keeping highlights and bright sunlight through all available spaces, but the costumes reflected that in cut and form, the actors eyes were allowed to be playful and dance through the scenes, the sets were prepped with flowers and happiness and even the aroma of the coffee is almost palpable in the frames,” informs the director.

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At the same time he says that, ”If the mood became intense or dark, lighting followed it to become more flat, the makeup on the actors reduced to almost being non-existent and we let the light literally go out of the actor’s eyes.”

However the debutant director says, ”We didn’t deviate from the mood board at all, even if it meant that achieving it took just a little more time. It was tremendous fun making this part of the film work and the results speak for themselves!’

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