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What do Asin and Shraddha Kapoor have in common?

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The two beautiful actresses of Bollywood Asin and Shraddha Kapoor come from a completely different set-up, different school of thought, with different standing in the industry. While Asin, who has dabbled in south & Hindi film industry, is quite established, Shraddha Kapoor, daughter of Shakti Kapoor, is yet to make her mark in the industry. The duo has not worked with each other and they don’t even have any plans/intent or have anything in the offing which brings them together, yet there is one thing which binds the twosome. And that one thing which we are referring is their Make-up artist Shraddha Naik Alkunte! Yes, both Asin and Shraddha Kapoor have shared a common make-up artist at one point of time and interestingly the results were simply fabulous!

Asin’s look, especially her bridal avatar, in blockbuster READY was highly appreciated and liked by one & all. Thanks to her subtle make-up done by Shraddha Naik Alkunte. The film was talk of the town not just for Salman & Asin’s pairing but also for their elegant look in the film. While Shraddha Kapoor, who may have debuted with TEEN PATTI, got rave reviews for LUV KA THE END. It was this film which brought her in the limelight. Besides her strong portrayal in the chic flick, girls went gaga over her entire look & style! Sharddha’s youthful, bubbly, chic look was an instant hit among females. Naik’s greasepaint transformed the entire personality of Shraddha. It gelled well with her on-screen character.


While the two actresses never had the opportunity to interact with each other, Shraddha Naik Alkunte shares a great bond with two. Interestingly, Shraddha shares a common birth date with Asin and a same name with Kapoor daughter.

Says Shraddha Naik Alkunte, who has worked with both the actresses, “With Shraddha Kapoor I share a good personal rapport. She is my first celebrity client. I have known her from last two years right from TEEN PATTI days. She’s a very interesting person to work with. She completely trusts the other person and brings out confidence in you. While with Asin, I really had good time working on the film READY. People may say that she is very difficult to work with, however I never faced such problems with her. Basically, Asin is quite particular about her work and once she’s convinced than she will completely surrender herself.”

Before coming on board for READY, Shraddha also worked with Asin for a Tamil film KAAVALAN, directed by BODYGUARD director Siddique.

Besides films, Shraddha Naik Alkunte has styled both Asin and Shraddha Kapoor for various events & parties, photoshoots.

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