What’s the hit connection between Salman Khan & BAAHUBALI?

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Salman Khan is a superstar and there is no doubt about it. He is a successful actor, producer and  has achieved name, fame and everything. 

However whenever there are some ups and downs in Bhai’s life he overcomes all with ease.

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During TUBELIGHT promotions at media interactions on being asked what does he want to achieve next in life?  the actor modestly replied, “I am not a successful actor yet. I have lived my life moment to moment.

So I always try to do my best, as I want that whatever I do next is better than my previous work. That's what I think.”

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As the tagline of the film TUBELIGHT says 'Kya tumhein yakeen hai?' so when asked Salman what does he do when he feels low in his personal or professional life to which he replied, “Whenever I feel low, I open my door, come out and see my watchman, drivers, the security boys, I stand there for 5 minutes and I go inside happy.

I just imagine they are still smiling out there, irrespective of their jobs and the salaries they get.

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They are laughing and joking and I in my position feel low just because a film didn't do well? I then tell myself to go inside and chill instead.”

Well,now we know what keeps Sallu bhai going no matter what.

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