When Alia Bhatt stole Justin Bieber’s thunder

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Justin Bieber may have been the center of attraction at his concert yesterday but there was someone who stole his thunder for a moment.

As the pop sensation was in the middle of his performance, entered our dear b-Town star who is just a year older than Justin himself.

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We are talking about our very own star Alia Bhatt. By the time Alia entered at the concert, the crowd had already settled and was busy enjoying Bieber’s performance.

The moment the crowd realized that Alia has just walked in they cheered for her so much that for a moment everyone stopped watching Justin.

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The young and bubbly actress waved at the crowd like a true blue star and went to the assigned VIP section to enjoy the concert and the crowd did the same.

Singer Armaan Malik who is younger than both Justin and Alia was one of the early birds at the concert and talking about Justin Bieber said, 'inshallah someday even I would like to do a concert like this, that’s my dream.'

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Talking about Justin’s success Armaan said, 'He is a great looking guy who has got a great voice and a great personality and he is a multi-instrumentalist and it’s the same with me as well (laughs).'

Interestingly Armaan was dressed in an uber cool color coordinated black tee and jeans paired with a black hat and round glares. He himself was not looking anything less than a pop star and we totally loved his style statement.

Well the way Alia and Armaan are ruling their fans’ hearts and emerging as a rising star in their respective career it won’t be wrong to say that these young stars are certainly more popular and loved by their fans.

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