When Kishore Kumar declined to sing with Manna Dey

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When Kishore Kumar declined to sing with Manna Dey
Sur Na Saje Kya Gaaun Main…

Manna Dey, the maestro of classical songs is no more, but he shall always live in our memories till music continues to entertain this universe. On his sad demise Glamsham.Com pays him homage and prays his soul rest in peace.

Though it is true, Manna Dey did not get the kind of recognition that he really deserved in Bollywood. Nevertheless, whenever Bollywood was in a dire need of a classical genius, Manna Dey was the ultimate choice.

Manna Dey’s brilliance can be gauged from the fact that in the movie BASANT BAHAR (1956) which was based on classical music, music director Shankar Jaikishen used Mohammad Rafi to sing all the songs.

But for the classical jugalbandi song Ketaki Gulab Juhi… opposite the great classical wizard Bhimsen Joshi, Shankar Jaikishen preferred Manna Dey as he was a master of Hindustani classical music and what’s more when Mohammad Rafi heard the song he complimented Mannada for his excellence.

Similarly, readers may recall the hilarious song Ek Chatur Naar Karke Sringar… from Mehmood’s PADOSAN. It was a jugalbandi between Manna Dey (Mehmood’s playback) and Kishore Kumar (Sunil Dutt’s playback) and in the climax Kishore Kumar wins. According to an interview, Mehmood had said that when Kishore Kumar came to know that in the jugalbandi he has to defeat Mannada he declined to sing the song. He protested, ”How can I defeat Mannada? He is the guru of classical singing.”

Later he was cajoled that it is just a movie and not reality.

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