When Zoya Akhtar met Katrina Kaif’s real obsessed fan!

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Zoya Akhtar‘s segment in BOMBAY TALKIES is about an innocent school boy who wants to be like Katrina Kaif and how he imitates her. He dances his heart out on the song, Sheila Ki Jawaani at all times.

When Zoya Akhtar met Katrina Kaif's real obsessed fan!

Little does anyone know is that Zoya Akhtar has actually come across a kid who is fascinated with Katrina to the level of obsession. She met this boy a few years ago at a social gathering.

Zoya was touched and at the same time saddened by this. However, it was a memory she carried with her.

When the opportunity to direct BOMBAY TALKIES came up to her, this was the only story she thought of presenting.

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Says source close to Zoya, ‘It was an incident which touched Zoya’s heart. She carried it with herself for more than two years and when she was approached to direct a short film she thought this story would be ideal. It’s a story she wanted to share with the audiences.’

Zoya was moved by the boy she met and essentially drawn characteristics of the child actor in her film from a real kid. Her short film is also very heartening.

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