Why Abbas-Mustan’s RACE 2 emerged a hit?

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Within few days of its release RACE 2 has able to garner the business of more than 50 crores on a conservative estimate. If one were to analyze the primary reason for this business, one thing that would emerge as the striking motif is the fast pace of RACE 2. Indeed, the director duo of Abbas-Mustan has carved their niche in the world of filmmaking in Hindi cinema by using speed as the channel vehicle to deliver the content to the audience.

The present bunch of movie goers, who primarily are those below the age of thirty loves the element of speed associated with events happening around their life and they tend to identify with such nuances rather easily. RACE 2 provides copious opportunities for the rush of adrenalin and is the reason for its success. Abbas-Mustan would probably be the only director duo who does not have any gumption about acknowledging the fact that they seek inspiration from films made in Hollywood. RACE 2 seems to be inspired from FAST & FURIOUS series as also the TRANSPORTER series.

view RACE 2 posters
view RACE 2 posters

The moot point would be whether it is the pace that is the determining quotient for the audience or the ability of the pace and the narrative to constantly change and keep on engaging the audience! It would be rather apparent that the audience is not enamored by a narrative that does not change the context and Abbas- Mustan right from the time they tasted success with BAAZIGAR have adopted this as the leitmotif of their financing oeuvre.

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Ours is a country of Jugaad, where the ability to conjure up a combination to get the work done thrives, and if one were to extend this logic to RACE 2, it is indeed Jugaad at its best. It is the first film which has been shot extensively in Turkey and even the Consulate General of Turkey in Mumbai went on record to proclaim that, and Turkey is a hot destination for tourists from India, RACE 2 emerged as the platform to see on screen the country aka Turkey and to plan a trip there. There are three babes who sizzle the screen in bikini they being Deepika Padukone, Jacqueline Fernandez and Ameesha Patel, and to add icing to the cake there is Bipasha Basu who sizzles on screen in her special appearance. John Abraham returned to his evil ways as he had done in DHOOM and made the audience eat out of his hands.

Obviously, what also mattered is RACE 2 has been released across 3200 screens, third largest for any Hindi film ever, other two being EK THA TIGER in 3300 screens and DABANGG 2 in 3700. So it is a clear case of Jugaad that did the trick for RACE 2 and it underlines the fact that if a producer has deep pockets and is able to release films across huge number of screens, more likely than not, he would have a success on his hands.

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