Why Ad agencies are refusing association with Sudhir Mishra’s INKAAR?

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Sudhir Mishra‘s much-in-news film INKAAR is turning out to be a lethal affair

view INKAAR stills
view INKAAR stills

Firstly the trailer of Arjuna Rampal and Chitrangda Singh starrer was revised and redone as the team felt it was too steamy for its audience. And now Ad agencies have refused to get associated with the film. Reason being – Sudhir’s film INKAAR has been shot in the real Ad agencies across Mumbai and INKAAR is set in the backdrop of Advertising world and deals with the topic of sexual harassment at work place.

Filmmaker Sudhir Mishra was planning to give the two Ad agencies a thank you slate in the film for giving the location for shooting. However, immediately after the trailer was launched both the agencies reached out to say that they don’t want any branding or reference of their agency in the film.

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A spokesperson attached to the film said, ”We have shot extensively in Advertising Agencies. However, story can be set in any environment. And it deals with sexual dynamics in an office. We would speak to agencies as this is our way of saying thank you.”

Apparently, now they fear any reference would mean that their agency is somehow directly or indirectly linked to the film and sexual relationships in their office are rampant. And probably this is the reason why Ad Agencies are refusing for any association.

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