Why Esha Gupta did CHAKRAVYUH?

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Bollywood actress Esha Gupta had always admired filmmaker Prakash Jha‘s body of work, even before she started working for films.

view CHAKRAVYUH stills
view CHAKRAVYUH stills

Esha did CHAKRAVYUH so that she could be part of a Prakash Jha film and not for how central her role would be. She loves the way he creates a world; she wanted to be a part of the same.

Being a Prakash Jha directorial she always knew that the film will be hard-hitting and she did not want to miss such a brilliant opportunity.

In fact at one stage Esha’s team felt that she should get a special appearance credit instead of main credit with Abhay Deol, Manoj Bajpai and Arjun Rampal.


The spokesperson close to the actor confirms, “Yes Esha Gupta really admires Prakash Jha.”

Esha Gupta before CHAKRAVYUH has done two films and both have had record openings. JANNAT 2 and RAAZ 3, where she played the central roles, opened with a phenomenal opening. And now critics and audiences alike are going gaga over CHAKRAVYUH which released on 24th October 2012.

CHAKRAVYUH which features Arjun Rampal, Abhay Deol, Esha Gupta, Manoj Bajpai and Anjali Patil deals with Naxalite issue.

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