Why JOKER received a dull response?

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It had happened with Raj Kapoor when he made MERA NAAM JOKER and now it has happened with Shirish Kunder that his magnum opus JOKER has not been able to come up to the expectations that it generated inspite of two of the most successful stars in the recent times, Akshay Kumar and Sonakshi Sinha featuring in the film. For both of them, the adage that Friday is indeed very cruel has come to haunt as the mega success of ROWDY RATHORE has not been able to create the buzz about their pair to bring the audience into the cinema halls.

Has it something to do with the title? Well, JOKER as a character is an element of ridicule in the Indian social context and could this be the reason why the audience did not sympathize with the subject? Not really, it is the script of the film that is the bane, as the idea of aliens is an idea that has its merits, more so as the aliens create a sense of excitement in the kids, and when the kids like an idea they would for sure goad their parents to take them to the cinema halls. But in case of JOKER few kids who were watching the film started goading the parents to leave the film and walk-off.

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Well, the aliens have to endear and not ensnare as they were doing in JOKER so the children were put off. If one were to look into the history of aliens and their association with cinema, it has been the endearing aliens that have ensured that the film is a success, most successful example being ET, and at home KOI MIL GAYA, the TRANSFORMER series etc. So for JOKER if there was an ensnaring alien it had to have a counter balance in an endearing alien as well.

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Secondly, the idea of uttering gibberish and use it as a trigger to create laughter has lost its ingenuity after GOLMAAL series and Shreyas Talpade may have tried to bring along the hangover of GOLMAAL to create humour, it has not enthused the audience. In the same manner the antics of Asrani of speaking in Hinglish to create comedy, may be drawing from what Ajay Devgn had done in BOL BACHCHAN had not found favor as Ajay Devgn could carry it off, he is a main actor, but to trust Asrani to do the same is asking something which he may not be able to deliver.

Besides, the positioning of the village against the system, ala LAGAAN has also fallen flat on the face as the binding element against the system through an alien is a concept that is difficult to imbibe. Had it been some social issue, or some economic issue, a sense of identity would have been created. The aliens sort of try to underline the premise that India is a country that continues to thrive in such nuances, and at times when the country is progressing forward, to use it as a reference point is bound to be met with less than enthusiastic response.

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