Lionel Richie admits he ‘hates’ Stevie Wonder


Iconic singer Lionel Richie has a special bond with legendary musician Stevie Wonder, but says he hates to get around him.

Asked about his friendship with Stevie, Lionel said: "So let me tell you this — I went to his house and he said to me 'Wanna hear a new song, I have got it in the car, come on go with me'. So we go out to the car and he says 'You sit on the passenger side and I will sit on the driver's side'. He goes in, cranks the car up, and he puts the tape right in and starts driving back the driveway. And then I panic and scream 'what are you doing!" and he says 'Gotcha didn't I?'

"Also I would hate to get around him because every time I would get around him, I would not want to give a phrase to him, because he'll write a song with it. See you later I say, there's a song he'll write it up," he added.


The singer-songwriter is judging the 18th edition of "American Idol", which airs in India on Star World.

He says he has to be the bearer of bad news most of the times, which is painful.


He said: "Let me tell you the deal. Some of these kids come in and they're already broken. And they say that – it is tough. And so what I don't want to do to them is have them leave broken more. So most of the time we build them up – half of them have no family – so all of a sudden we become their family, that's how close.

"And you don't have to say anything but 'boo' – and they will fall over. So my job is basically go in and say – I build you up to the point where you've made it this far but do you have a shot in this competition. But I wouldn't leave them broken. It's my job to help them understand that there's some avenues they can't go down. These are kids – 15 to 17 year olds. They haven't even started their lives. And I see them ask us – what do you think? And I have to say – it isn't your time. And it is really painful sometimes because there are kids on the show who are homeless and we don't have to say another bad thing about them – they just need some hope that there's a dream out there for them," he added.





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