Why Maddy was unsure about Bipasha?

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Much has been spoken by Bipasha Basu and Madhavan about how their ‘jodi’ is making waves, their chemistry is the selling point of JODI BREAKERS and how the leading lady ‘chased’ the script as she found it interesting enough. However this is the story which the makers wanted to tell. The untold twist in the tale is that before the film went on floors, Madhavan wasn’t too sure about Bipasha featuring as his co-star for this film.

view JODI BREAKERS movie stills
view JODI BREAKERS movie stills

“Since the time film’s promotion kick-started, the actors have been singing praises of each other. It appears as if they were in complete synch with each other from the day one. However there is a lot that happened behind the scenes,” says a source.

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At that point in time, it was Bipasha’s image that went against her. Apparently Madhavan was worried about Bipasha’s status as a big Bollywood star who wouldn’t quite fit into the kind of setup that JODI BREAKERS had. “He expressed his apprehensions quite clearly to Ashwini and even tagged Bipasha as a ‘warrior like’ who was way too athletic for a rom-com genre,” the source continues.

On the other hand Bipasha was so keen to do the film that she didn’t pay much heed to apprehensions of any sorts. Moreover she felt that Madhavan’s worries were uncalled for and they would actually pull it off on screen. Eventually Madhavan did step in, albeit with some reluctance.

When contacted, Bipasha shrugged away the tales from the past and said, “It was nothing actually. It’s just that he had never seen me play a role like this. However after the completion of very first day of the shoot, he asked me that why we hadn’t worked together earlier.”

Well, isn’t that what everyone says once the decision has been taken?

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