Why Rajeev wanted to meet Tena before TABLE NO. 21 shoot?

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TABLE NO.21 releases this weekend and for both Rajeev Khandelwal and Tena Desae, this is a very important film. While Rajeev is looking forward to a film of his release in a major way after SHAITAN, even for Tena this is her first quintessential Bollywood outing after a few offbeat projects.

view RAJEEV & TENA DESAE PROMOTE TABLE NO. 21 photo gallery
view RAJEEV & TENA DESAE PROMOTE TABLE NO. 21 photo gallery

As someone who comes with far greater experience by being in front of the camera, one wonders whether Rajeev was more than willing to step in as a mentor for Tena since a film like TABLE NO. 21 was an altogether different world for the relative newbie.

”No, I didn’t step in as a mentor,” says Rajeev categorically, “I am myself learning nuances of acting and cannot be a teacher to anyone. We shared some wonderful chemistry though. In fact to be honest, I was concerned about my female lead in the film. We wanted someone who delivered and performance was going to be a key criteria. I wanted to meet her before I begin shooting. The intent was not to put my foot down and say that I want to work with her or not but just to gauge that how it would be to share screen space together.”

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“We did a couple of look tests together and it was all fine. What amazed me about her was the fact that she didn’t even care how she looked and wasn’t fussy at all. She trusted completely on the director and was absolutely uninhibited in terms of her approach. She was like if you want me to do this and that I will do as long as it went with the character. In fact she was so particular about getting it all right that she would curse herself if she couldn’t get it correct in the first go. She would be very tough on herself.”

Here is hoping that the results indeed show on screen.

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