Why Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan is the most secured couple?

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Bollywood’s most looked upon real life couple Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan have been married for 24 years now. Though the lovey-dovey couple faced quite a few ups and downs in their relationship reportedly, though there were several roumors around trouble in their paradise, they stood the test of time and set an example for many lovers.

While people may blabber or keep making assumptions about SRK-Gauri, here are the six reasons why the duo makes us believe every time that they are the most secured couple and love is still intact between them:

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SRK praising Gauri Khan’s endeavours: In spite of busy schedule, Shah Rukh never failed to encourage or appreciate or wish his beloved Gauri on her different endeavours. Recently also he took the time out of his busy shooting schedule to congratulate his wife Gauri on her debut accessory and clothing collection.    

Gauri Khan hanging out with SRK’s gal pals: Gauri never shied away from gelling well with all of her superstar husband’s gal pals!    

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Despite several speculations the couple has been cordial in public: Although the couple was surrounded with several speculations. There were also rumours about Priyanka and SRK’s alleged affair, Gauri-SRK’s marriage going kaput and Gauri giving cold shoulder to Priyanka. Nevertheless, Gauri and Shahrukh were always cordial in public and indulged in PDA!

They never backbite about each other: They may have their share of fights, make-ups and break-ups on numerous issues, however the duo was never seen backbiting about each other.    

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Gauri supports all of SRK’s decisions: The doting wife that Gauri Khan is, has always been supportive of all of Bollywood badshah’s decisions. If we recall, when MNIK (MY NAME IS KHAN) was mired in controversy, it was Gauri, who came all out and showed her support in open.    

Gauri is Shahrukh’s lady luck: From the time Gauri stepped in Shah Rukh’s life, he never looked back. She has proved lucky for him on every occasion. From being nothing to everything, Shah Rukh Khan today is ruling the roost and that is the power of his lady luck Gauri. In fact, all of his home productions are produced under Gauri’s name.




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