Will Akshay Kumar’s BOSS face the ‘Blues’!?

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All eyes are set on Akshay Kumar’s new film BOSS that releases tomorrow. And the reason behind this eagerness to know the outcome of the film is not just because it is an Akshay Kumar film or since his past venture (ONCE UPON A TIME IN MUMBAAI DOBAARA) bombed at the Box-office but there are reasons other than this that is making everyone curious & anxious!

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Like, BOSS is Akshay Kumar’s second outing with director Anthony D’souza after BLUE, that released four years back. Despite huge expectations, BLUE sank without a trace and received thumbs down from audience as well critics. Since their past record with BLUE hasn’t been good, everyone’s wondering if BOSS will meet the similar fate or wipe their disaster status! Well, if we go with the way Akshay and Anthony have associated once again, the likelihood of BOSS repeating the history (BLUE) quite appears to be!

Where filmmakers in Bollywood, who are astrology and numerology freak and superstitious with their ways, evade from using such points, which could bring in negativity around, Anthony didn’t get deterred in working with Akshay once again, as we all know how BLUE fared, his second film BOSS too begins with the letter B and incidentally both BLUE and BOSS are four-letter words. And if this was not enough, BOSS hits the screens exactly after four years when BLUE released i.e. 16th October.

Now call it a coincidence or a deliberate attempt, we wish BOSS doesn’t face the ‘BLUES’!

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