Will BOL BACHCHAN end Abhishek’s lean phase?

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Rohit Shetty’s BOL BACHCHAN can indeed instill life in Junior Bachchan’s sagging career. It’s been quite a while since Abhishek Bachchan delivered a hit (in a major role) and so all eyes are now focussed on the unbeatable director-actor duo, Rohit Shetty and Ajay Devgn, to help Abhishek tide over rough time

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Talking to a trade source Abhi revealed very honestly that the Abhishek Bachchan that audience will get to see in BOL BACHCHAN will be very different from what they have witnessed before. Abhishek clarified that when he started to shoot for BOL BACHCHAN he had thought of going about doing the comic act in his usual, understated deadpan style. However Rohit was insistent that he wanted Junior Bachchan to act in an over the top, loud Rohit Shetty style; the kind seen in GOLMAAL series. Naturally, Abhishek being a director’s actor, followed Rohit Shetty’s instructions to the tee and shed his usual style of straight faced, subtle comedy.

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So now when the audience will go to watch BOL BACHCHAN on 6th July, they will get to witness a totally new style of loud, over the top acting from Abhishek, the kind that has been loved by the Bollywood film buffs so much that it has earned Rohit super hits and tons of moolah, well we mean 100 crore plus films like GOLMAAL 3!

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