Will ‘lungi’ get a makeover with CHENNAI EXPRESS?

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It seems that the humble ‘lungi’ was looking for a brand ambassador in the form of a Shah Rukh Khan, a Deepika Padukone and with a singer like Yo Yo Honey Singh to position it as an attire which has the ability to become a fashionable and glamorous one and within a fortnight’s time when CHENNAI EXPRESS releases one hopes that the fans would throng the cinema halls in multiple colored lungis, not only in South India, but all across the countryside.

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Indeed, Rohit Shetty should exhort the fans to do so, at least on the opening day of CHENNAI EXPRESS, as SRK has decided that CHENNAI EXPRESS would not be preceded by carpet bombing of publicity, and in such a scenario perhaps exhorting the fans to come out in lungi to watch the film could be the perfect statement endorsing lungi as the fashion statement.

After all, for the common Indian lungi is the attire that he uses for lazing around, in fact she also uses it. One is reminded of the brand endorsement for lungi that Rajesh Khanna had given more than two decades ago in a film magazine where he had appeared along with Tina Munim for a photo shoot and subsequently Dimple Kapadia had also appeared in a raw silk lungi for a calendar shoot, which had become a rage in early nineties.

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But lungi never was used as a matter of fact as fashion attire by the world of cinema, wherever it was used in cinema was rather to denigrate manner. Biggest self-proclaimed brand ambassador of lungi was Mehmood in the world of Hindi cinema but whenever he sported it, it was more to create a situation of humor. Big B also had chosen it twice over, once in DESH PREMI and then in MAHAAN, but again in a humourous situation. Shakti Kapoor had sported it in scores of movies that he acted in, along with Govinda being produced from South India, but again here it was to connote a situation of humor.

However, seldom was a heroine seen sporting a lungi in a cinematic frame in recent times, though in the situations of rains that were created in Hindi cinema, and if the heroine was drenched, it was the humble lungi that came to rescue, remember ‘bheegi bheegi raton mein’ where Zeenat serenades Rajesh Khanna in a lungi.

One only hopes that with Deepika Padukone as the brand ambassador for lungi in CHENNAI EXPRESS, more actresses would feel confident enough to sport it on the screen. After all, it is the humble weaver who weaves it all along the country side, and who indeed needs a brand pushing for this attire from the likes of SRK and Deepika. Lakhs and lakhs families of weavers could get the much needed shot in the arm for their vocation, where the lungi to get acceptance. After all, western world of fashion has re-discovered saree, and who knows, they might even warm up to lungis as well, as sarongs are a preferred fashion statement all over the world and it has an Asian origin.


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