Check what has Tanuj Virwani to say about his work

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Actor Tanuj Virwani gives precedence to stories, but says he will not be part of a project which makes one cringe.

He was recently seen in an episode of VOOT's "Fuh se Fantasy". In the episode titled 'Just Good Friends', he features as Tahir who meets Leela (Madhurima Roy) and Kiara (Satarupa Pyne). The episode shows them having an intimate adventure.

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"My funda before signing on any new project is not to be too judgmental about it — are there any bold scenes in it or is there any cringe worthy…. For me, story is king," Tanuj said in a statement.

"There's something about the casual air that the story had about these three characters, Tahir, Kiara and Leela, who don't know about each other. They happen to meet by coincidence and strike a friendship with no right and wrongs. There is no expectation from each other and yet it flows so beautifully, in a very organic manner.

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"They've not even exchanged numbers but heal each other. Even the fantasy is organic and emotional in nature. I would definitely not be a part of a cringe-worthy project that I wouldn't like to see myself in. It was refreshing and we are in 2019, all we are portraying is what happens in real life."

Talking about the experience of the shoot, he said: "It was a nice smooth happy shoot in Alibaug. Everyone was well-prepared…It was my holiday film. I got out of another show which was intense, so this was my holiday project."[IANS]

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