Will THE ATTACKS OF 26/11 be Ram Gopal Varma’s Lucky No. 7?

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Less than a month remains for the arrival of THE ATTACKS OF 26/11 and by the look of things, it is turning out to be one film which should be a quality offering indeed from Ram Gopal Varma. Though the filmmaker has gone through a rough patch at the box office as far as a commercial success is concerned, this biopic could well be the turning point for him.

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‘His last true commercial money-spinner was close to half a decade ago when his PHOONK (2008) turned out to be a success at the box office. Ever since then he has told six different stories in the form of AGYAAT – THE UNKNOWN, RANN, RAKHT CHARITRA I & II, NOT A LOVE STORY, DEPARTMENT and BHOOT RETURNS. Unfortunately they haven’t done well commercially even though at least a couple of these films saw good appreciation coming from some quarters. THE ATTACKS OF 26/11 is Number Seven for him since PHOONK and it could well prove to be lucky for him,’ says a source.

Those who have had a dekko at the film’s vouch for the fact that THE ATTACKS OF 26/11 would stand out as a major comeback for the maverick director. The First Look of the film as well as the extended footage made available online has done the trick as well, what with good response coming in already.

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‘Well, promos of Ramu’s films time and again make an impact,’ quips an insider, ‘However this time around the sheer subject matter is so sensitive that no one can let their guard down. Ramu too knows that he is telling a tale that would be scrutinised by one and all. He has spent good time in ensuring that his research is immaculate and there are no loose ends. He has a responsibility in hand and has made sure that the film meets the kind of high expectations everyone has from it.’

Now that’s true indeed. Moreover with Nana Patekar being an integral part of this co-production between Eros and Parag Sanghavi, one looks forward to how the drama unfolds once the film releases all over on 1st March 2013.

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