Winners list of the 22nd Shanghai International Film Festival Golden Jubilee Awards

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On the evening of June 23, the 22nd Shanghai International Film Festival Golden Jubilee Awards Ceremony was held at the Shanghai Grand Theatre. 

22nd Shanghai International Film Festival Awards winner list:

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Best Feature Film
“Castle of Dreams” (Iran)

Jury Grand Prix
“Inhale-Exhale” (Georgia/Russia/Sweden)

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Best Director
Reza Mirkarimi for “Castle of Dreams”

Best Actor (joint winners)
Chang Feng for “The Return” (China) and Hamed Saberi Behdad for “Castle of Dreams” (Iran)

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Best Actress
Salome Demuria for “Inhale-Exhale” (Georgia/Russia/Sweden)

Best Screenplay 
Aleksander Lungin and Pavel Lungin for “Brotherhood” (Russia)

Best Cinematography
Jake Pollock for “Spring Tide” (China)

Outstanding Artistic Achievement
“Trees Under the Sun” (India)

Best Animation Film
“Ride Your Wave” (Japan)

Best Documentary Film
“Bridge of Time” (Latvia/ Lithuania/ Estonia)

Best Live Action Short Film
“Nowhere To Put” (China)

Best Animated Short Film
“La Noria” (Spain)

The Iranian film "Castle of Dreams" won the Best Film Award and Best Director Award. The film's leading actor, Hamed Sabery Bedard, and the Chinese actor Chang Feng, who starred in "The Heart of the Country", won the best male. Actor Award, Georgian actor Salome de Julia won the Best Actress Award for "Between Breathing".

Director Reza Mirkarimi said excitedly on the stage: “It’s so exciting and happy, what a wonderful night.”

The "Respiratory", co-produced by Georgia, Russia, and Sweden, won the jury award and the best actress award.Actor Salome de Julia from Georgia plays a poor man in the film. Zhao Tao and Yan Mei presented the award to Chang Feng, and all the audience stood up with warm applause to pay tribute to Chang Feng’s reverence and love for acting career and film art in her 70-year career. Chang Feng said in the background interview: "I am older, I couldn't have a physical body, and it is not convenient to walk. But when I saw the script, I liked it. I know. I was so lucky to win the prize. This is something I can't imagine.”

The Russian film "Brothers" won the best screenwriter award, the Chinese film "Spring Tide" won the best photography award, and the Indian film "Under the Wood Birthday" won the art contribution award. The Best Cartoon Award is attributed to the new work of Japanese famous director Tang Zhengming, "If you can ride with you on the waves," Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia's "Bridge of Time" won the best documentary award. The Indian film "Trees under the sun" won outstanding artistic achievement award.

British actor Tom Hiddleston (‘upcoming in “The Rookies,” hitting mainland theaters July 12, and the Tencent-backed “Monster Hunter”) became a highlight on the red carpet. The international movie stars who set foot on the red carpet also included actor Mila Jovovich and the Japanese actor Changze Yamei. [Credit:]

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