Women lead the change in Bollywood 2012

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The women may not agree to this gendered classification and would rather like to be viewed more for the contribution to be viewed in a gender neutral manner; fact of the matter is that it is the women who have given a sense of new direction to the world of Hindi cinema in 2012. Here is a list of such luminaries who have made the world of cinema proud by giving a new sense of direction to it:

Sneha Khanwalkar for GANGS OF WASSEYPUR: Sneha Khanwalkar came into her own in GANG OF WASSEYPUR 1&2 with the innovative sounds that she introduced into the films, and for which she traveled all across the countryside to catch the sounds. No wonder, Sneha Khanwalkar's music had a major role in the the phenomenal success of GOW 1&2.

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Gauri Shinde for ENGLISH VINGLISH: It is only a woman perhaps who can understand the pain and pathos of a mother who has left everything aside for her family so that the family could grow and finds that the family has moved on, but she decides to fight back and carve her space. ENGLISH VINGLISH could touch audience everywhere in the world with the sensitive portrayal of the mother enacted by Sridevi in her comeback. Gauri Shinde has scores of times underlined the outreach of the subject by narrating the incident that happened at Toronto Film Festival. An Iranian woman had come and told her that it was her story. It was emotions of the film that did the trick as also the determination of a woman to tell the world that there still is lot left in her.

Reema Kagti for TALAASH: Reema Kagti is most vociferous for being bracketed as a woman director who made the change and rather wishes that her contribution be viewed gender neutral. Fact of the matter is, she as a woman could think about the subject, the trials and tribulations that individuals grapple with in their lives, and how to get out of it, as she did it in TALAASH to make it a phenomenal success.

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Huma Qureshi in GANG OF WASEEYPUR I & II: One may have a difference of opinion whether Huma Quereshi's name should be included in this list, but fact of the matter is that in a male dominated landscape of GOW I&II she could hold on, and also project an earthy kind of sexuality, stripped of the made up urban gloss, has made her an actress to watch out for. In fact she underlined this aspect with LOVE SHUV TEY CHICKEN KHURANA as well

Juhi Chaturvedi for VICKY DONOR: A subject as controversial as Sperm donation to be handled in such a sensitive manner as Juhi Chaturvedi who wrote the story of VICKY DONOR did it, was catalyst in making it one of the earliest hits of 2012. As a matter of fact, so much was Salim Khan impressed by the script written by Juhi Chaturvedi that as a token of acknowledgement he gave one of his old Filmfare trophies to her.

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Urmi Juvekar SHANGHAI:Urmi Juvekar for SHANGHAI, who Urmi Juvekar captured the nuance of a city experiencing the throngs of development in a succinct manner and made it one of the different films for 2012 thanks to the crisp handling of the subject.

lla Bedi for AGNEEPATH: lla Bedi set the pace for the year 2012 with scorching script writing of remake of AGNEEPATH which made it the first super duper hit of 2012.

Kausar Munir for ISHAQZAADE: it was after a long time that a female lyricist appeared on the horizon and the lyrics that she wrote for ISHAQZAADE was a major contributory factor in making it a huge success.

One only hopes that women would continue to experiment and give Hindi cinema a different dimension and facilitate in according it a sense of respectability.

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