Rupali Suri: Working with Vikram Gokhale was like going to school

Young actress Rupali Suri recently finished shooting for a short film with veteran actor Vikram Gokhale.

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Actor Rupali Suri is all set to star in veteran actor-director Vikram Gokhale’s upcoming film. The short film is touted to be a funny one with a message for the audience between the lines! “Every film, short or feature, should always have a message to it,” avers Vikram, who is looking forward to the post-production of the same. Directed by Sanjay Rawal, the short film also features cinematography by Bhavesh Rawal.

Vikram Gokhale portrays a character of his own age while Rupali Suri portrays a young character of her age! All of the sudden, his character realizes that he has misplaced his keys and there’s nobody else on the floor except her. Her father-in-law is Vikram’s character’s friend. Since there was no other option, he rings her doorbell. She is half-dressed while he is just returning home from the temple. On humanitarian grounds, she asks him to come inside and have a seat while she gets dressed. This is the introduction to the film which then takes a turn from a formal to an informal conversation.

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Soon Rupali’s character realizes that his key is in his own pocket which she could see when he bent forward to take the cup of tea. She is in a dilemma over the possible intentions of the old man at the door but she is rest assured eventually of his innocence. As the film progresses, she realizes that she has found a pure friend in him, a friendship where age does not matter!

“From a young child to a senior citizen, anyone can be a friend as long as there is a connection. That is an organic relationship,” says Rupali Suri, who has been featured in over 3 films till date, was seen in London based Production, ‘Dad, Hold My Hand’ with versatile actors like Ratna Pathak Shah and Naseeruddin Shah among others. Apart from this, she was also featured in a film down south. She has also been cast in an untitled Australian film where she plays the character of Sunaina, an Indian citizen married to an NRI there.

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Vikram Gokhale believes that every artist should know the “A to Z of dubbing,” and adds, “From the pauses to the voiceovers, an artist should know everything and Rupali (Suri) is doing just that. What I like about her is she is not acting for acting but for the passion!” On working with Vikram, she shares, “Working with him is pressure in itself. When he speaks, we know the kind of attention he commands as we listen to him. To top it all, Vikram sir is very down-to-earth and often says that he has learned so much from me too!”

On her learning curve, Rupali signs off, “It is like a school. I surrendered myself to acting and filmmaking veterans!”

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