World Radio Day: Bollywood’s age-old romance with radio

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It indeed is ironic that while radio stations of all kinds have been blaring songs celebrating the day of love aka the Valentine Day, the catalyst, the humble radio seems to have been forgotten by us all, though the world celebrated the World Radio Day yesterday. Preceding the Valentine Day, just by 24 hours, would it then not be proper then to resurrect this humble device, that indeed has been in catalyst in kindling romance across generations and continues to do so, manifest from the fact that even established film stars like Karisma Kapoor have also become a regular on a radio station.

Sadly then, that the radio is not being given the due desert, but through this saga of romance perpetuated by radio one hopes that radio from next year onwards would be remembered with the same fondness as the Valentine's Day.

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BARSAAT KI RAAT: The famous quawali scene in the film, where when Bharat Bhushan sings the line from the famous quawali – ban ban dole janak dulari- and Madhubala hears the voice of her lover, she just cannot stop herself from going to the place where the quawali competition is going on, and unites with her lover.

But before that the famous song- Zindagi Bhar Nahi Bhulegi Wo Barsaat Ki Raat- is one of the most romantic ballads played over radio. As a matter of fact this film could be one of those films where radio was a binding element.

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ABHIMAAN: The song that establishes Jaya Bachchan in the film- Piya Bina which Big B listens at the house of Bindu and thenceforth the situation in their life starts drifting away, as an element of poignancy, even Asrani, who otherwise was the manager for Amitabh in the film is shown listening to this song on Radio, underlining that all relations have gone haywire.

ANURODH: One of the most romantic songs ever picturised on the eternal romantic of Hindi cinema, Rajesh Khanna, sung with passion, is one of the all- time favorite songs shown being sung over radio.

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HINDUSTAN KI KASAM: The song Hai Tere Saath Meri Wafa, sung on Priya Rajvansh forms the climax of the film, and it is also one of the romantic songs done in an imaginative way by Chetan Anand as radio was used imaginatively to give secret message to Raj Kumar.

COOLIE: The magic of a radio and the options that one have of switching channels and the comic situation that it could create was manifest in the famous scene where Yoga and omlette making mix together to make a heady concoction.

RANG DE BASANTI: The climax of the film was shot imaginatively by Rakeysh Om Prakash Mehra where a Radio DJ was used by Aamir Khan and his friends to execute the climax scene.

SALAAM NAMASTE: Preity Zinta as the radio anchor was one of the modern adaptations by the world of Hindi cinema of the changing job profiles among the youth and it was one of the bubbliest performances executed by Preity Zinta in her acting career.

LAGE RAHO MUNNA BHAI: Vidya Balan as the radio jockey with her signature opening line- 'Good Morning Mumbai' indeed walked into the hearts of the fans and never looked back since then.

Indeed, as the world celebrates romance, we should not forget radio, which has been the catalyst to promote romance. After all, one of the most romantic bands of our times CARPENTORS had paid tribute to this versatile instrument through one of their songs, and even Mahatma Gandhi had said, '' I see power in Radio''. Radio needs to be given same importance as the Valentine's Day for sure.

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